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400w wind generator for street lamp


Product Information

H1.25-400w is specially designed for wind-solar hybrid street light system so that the wind and solar energy can be used in the whole year. The wind-solar hybrid street lamp system is composed of small sized wind turbine, solar panels, batteries, lamp pole, controller as well as lamps. In the daytime, the solar panels receive solar energy and wind turbine receive wind energy. They charge batteries in the meantime. In the night, wind turbine and batteries supply power to the lamps. The wind energy is complementary to solar energy and it can provide enough power for street light system.

H1.25-400W wind generator has two SKF bearings which make sure the system in reliable, safe and steady status. The electromagnetic brake technique of H1.25-400W can provide high efficiency and safety.

Main technical data

Rated power (W)
Maximum output power (W)
Charging voltage (V)
DC 12
Blade quantity
Blade material
Blade diameter (ft.)
4    (1.25m)
Start-up wind speed (mph)
6    (2.5m/s)
Rated wind speed (mph)
25  (11.0m/s)
Rated rotating rate (r/min)
Wind energy utilizing ratio (Cp)
Generator output
Frequency conversion AC
Output AC frequency (Hz)
Rated charging current (A)
The maximum charging current (in a short time) (A)
Generator efficiency
Tower diameter (in.)
Ф2.6  (Ф65mm)
Tower height (ft.)
30  (9m)
Generator weight (lb)
12  (5.5kg)
Suggested Battery (Ah)

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