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Eastern Shore Wind Turbine Project Facing...

wind energyGovernor O'Malley has long supported the use of wind as an alternative form of energy but is facing increasing pressure to put the brakes on a proposal to build 600-foot windmills on the lower Eastern Shore.

The project proposes to build 25 turbines on the Lower Eastern shore. Before the legislature adjourned this month, lawmakers passed a bill which would delay the wind project for 15 months.

In a letter this week, Comptroller Peter Franchot asked the Governor to veto the bill saying a delay could jeopardize the project and cost the state hundreds of dollars.

"This is one of the worst things I've seen in politics," Franchot said. "It's just the message to the shore and the business community you don't count--if we want to pull the rug out at the eleventh hour we will."

Top lawmakers have battled the Eastern Shore project, saying it would not only jeopardize the economy but threaten the livelihood of a military project.

The project is expected to create 500 jobs and millions in tax revenue but both of Maryland's US Senators are now supporting the delay. There's no indication yet which move the Governor will make.

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