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H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine

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  • Product Name:H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine
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  • Size:18m hydraulic tower
  • Model:H12.0-50KW

H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine

H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine

H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine Structure

H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine Structure

Hummer manufactures and offers advanced H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine specifically 

designed for residential houses; farms; telecommunication stations; commercial wind farms; 

water-pumping, etc. Intelligent model with special hydraulic braking system,generator prepositive 

design which wind drive the generator directly without gears.With multiple protections, including 

auto yawing, hydraulic braking and electro-dynamic braking etc. 

H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine curve

H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine curve

H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine Specifications
Configuration 3 Blades, Horizontal axis, Upwind
Rotor Diameter Ф12.0 m / 39.4 ft
Swept Area 113.10 m2 / 1217.4 ft2
Direction of Rotation Clockwise looking upwind
Blade Material Fiberglass reinforced composite
Rated Power 50 kW @ 12m/s / 26.8 mph
Maximum Output Power 54 kW @ 20m/s / 44.7 mph
Battery Bank Voltage 400 Vdc
System Output Voltage 380 Vac
Cut-in Wind Speed 3 m/s / 6.7 mph
Rated rotating rate 140 r/min
Working Wind Speed 3-25 m/s / 6.7-82.8  mph
Survival Wind Speed 50 m/s / 164 mph
Alternator Permanent magnet alternator, SCF technology
Alternator Weight 1237 kg / 2727.1 lbs
Generator Efficiency >0.92
Wind Energy Utilizing Ratio 0.42 Cp
Energy monitoring & User control Siemens PLC controller with touch screen
Gearbox None, Direct drive with front generator design
Over Speed Regulation Auto Yawing & Hydraulic Braking
Shutting Down Method Manual & Automatic electromagnetism Braking & Hydraulic Braking
Warranty 2 years for generator and 1 year for other parts

   Solutions In H12.0-50KW Wind Turbine

-H12.0-50KW Off Grid Wind Turbine
-H12.0-50KW Grid Tied Wind Turbine

Our products are third party certified and during the past 10 years, Hummer 

Wind Turbine Generator have been exported to 91 countries and areas, such as the USA, 

Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, India, Spain etc. For more information on

50KW Wind Turbine such as users manuals, data sheet, PDF documents, certifications please 

email us or call 086 551 65314300

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