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H3.1-1kw wind solar diesel hybrid system



A.The Model Hummer  H3.1-1000W Wind Power Generator has the great advantages of high efficiency and low rated wind speed. It introduces several patented technologies and uses some special materials.


B.H3.1-1kw wind solar diesel hybrid system can drive air-condition (1 horsepower), pump or other electrical appliances (≤1KW).


C.Can be used widely. It can be used in Housing,Telecommunications Station,TV Transfer Station,Monitoring Station (military, hydrology, observatory),Water-pumping Station.



H3.1-1000W wind solar diesel hybrid system Specifications
Configuration 3 Blades, Horizontal axis, Upwind
Rotor Diameter Ф3.1 m / 10.2 ft
Swept Area 7.55 m2 / 81.3 ft2
Direction of Rotation Clockwise looking upwind
Blade Material Fiberglass reinforced composite
Rated Power 1 kW @ 10m/s / 22.4 mph
Maximum Output Power 1.2 kW @ 20m/s / 44.7 mph
Battery Bank Voltage 60 Vdc
System Output Voltage 110/220 Vac
Cut-in Wind Speed 3 m/s / 6.7 mph
Rated rotating rate 500 r/min
Working Wind Speed 3-25 m/s / 6.7-82.1  mph
Survival Wind Speed 50 m/s / 164 mph
Alternator Permanent magnet alternator, SCF technology
Alternator Weight 15 kg / 33.1 lbs
Generator Efficiency >0.80
Wind Energy Utilizing Ratio 0.45 Cp
Energy monitoring & User control LED display
Gearbox None, Direct drive with front generator design
Over Speed Regulation Passive furling tail design
Shutting Down Method Manual & Automatic electromagnetism Braking
Warranty 2 years for generator and 1 year for other parts



1KW Wind Turbine Power Curve


4.Working principle

H3.1-1KW Wind Solar Diesel Hybrid System


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