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H3.8-2kw grid-tied wind generator system



A. Generator located inside nose cone to radiate heat easily, with generator itself extremely light and small, low in noise.

B. Yaw shaft with the slip ring to ensure the rotation at 360 circulation.


C. Tail ple and tial wing connecting with the body of wind turbine through SKF ball bearing, more endurable and strong.


D. Tower made of galvanised steel anti acid proof and salt proof.


E. 3 in 1 inverter integrating the functions of battery charging, inverting, controlling. diversion lights  included, a pare terminal of solar panel on the back.



H3.8-2000W grid-tied wind generator system Specifications
Configuration 3 Blades, Horizontal axis, Upwind
Rotor Diameter Ф3.8 m / 12.5 ft
Swept Area 11.35 m2 / 122.2 ft2
Direction of Rotation Clockwise looking upwind
Blade Material Fiberglass reinforced composite
Rated Power 2 kW @ 11m/s / 24.6 mph
Maximum Output Power 2.2 kW @ 20m/s / 44.7 mph
Battery Bank Voltage 120 Vdc
System Output Voltage 110/220 Vac
Cut-in Wind Speed 3 m/s / 6.7 mph
Rated rotating rate 450 r/min
Working Wind Speed 3-25 m/s / 6.7-82.2  mph
Survival Wind Speed 50 m/s / 164 mph
Alternator Permanent magnet alternator, SCF technology
Alternator Weight 25 kg / 55.1 lbs
Generator Efficiency >0.80
Wind Energy Utilizing Ratio 0.45 Cp
Energy monitoring & User control LED display
Gearbox None, Direct drive with front generator design
Over Speed Regulation Passive furling tail design
Shutting Down Method Manual & Automatic electromagnetism Braking
Warranty 2 years for generator and 1 year for other parts



2KW Wind Turbine Power Curve



4.Working principle

H3.8-2KW Grid-Tied Wind Generator System


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