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Household Wind Turbine


Household Wind Turbine Product Description

Household Wind Turbine

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2.high efficiency+small size
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Household Wind Turbine

Product Information


H6.4-5000W wind turbine features with unique design of structure, high output efficiency and stable operation of whole system.


Unique design


The structure of H6.4-5000W wind turbine is compact, it is made of refined material. The generator is small in size, light in weight that can be placed inside the nose cone to reduce air resistance and increase output efficiency.


High output efficiency


Due to the unique design, H6.4-5000W wind turbine can swiftly start up at 2.5m/s wind speed. The output efficiency of H6.4-5000W wind turbine is more than 0.8, while the wind energy utilization ratio is as high as 0.4. The max output of it is 7500W.


Stable operation of whole system


H6.4-5000W wind turbine without tail wing and tail pole, using Siemens control system, can realize functions of self protection, auto wind seeking etc.


Furthermore, inside the yaw shaft, there is a sealed gearbox, which can enhance the lifespan of whole system.


We can offer both off grid and grid-tied H6.4-5000W wind turbine system.


Application of Model H6.4-5000W


It can drive air-condition (3-5 horsepower), 1.7KW water pump or other resistive appliances (≤5KW).

Well used in:

Housing and factory and farm
Telecommunication Station
TV Transfer Station
Monitoring Station (military, hydrology, observatory)
Water-pumping Station

Household Wind Turbine Technical Data

Rated power(W) 5000
Maximum output power (W) 7500
Charging voltage (V) DC 240
Blade quantity 3
Rotor blade material GRP
Rotor blade diameter(m) 6.4
Start-up wind speed (m/s) 2.5
Rated wind speed (m/s) 10.0
Rated rotating rate (r/min) 240
Wind energy utilizing ratio (Cp) 0.4
Generator output Single-phase frequency conversion AC
Rated charging current (A) 20.8
The maximum charging current (in a short time )(A) 32
Output AC frequency (Hz) 0~360
Generator efficiency >0.8
Free standing tower diameter(mm) 495*185 (2pcs)
Guy tower diameter(mm) 220*3000*6 (4pcs)
Tower height(m) 12
The weight of generator(lb) 324  (147kg)
Suggested Battery 400/600Ah

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