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Hummer 1KW Wind Turbine For Household


Hummer 1KW Wind Turbine For Household

Hummer 1KW Wind Turbine For Household

1KW Household Wind Turbine Structure

1KW Household Wind Turbine Structure

1KW Household Wind Turbine Structure

Hummer manufactures and offers advanced 1KW Household Wind Turbine specifically 

designed for residential houses; farms; telecommunication stations; commercial wind farms; 

water-pumping, etc. Our products are third party certified and during the past 10 years, Hummer 

1KW Household Wind Turbine have been exported to 91 countries and areas, such as the USA, 

Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, India, Spain etc. For more information on 

Hummer 1KW Household Wind Turbine such as users manuals, data sheet, PDF documents, 

certifications please email us or call 086 551 65314300

Hummer 1KW Household Wind Turbine curve

Hummer 1KW Household Wind Turbine curve

H3.1-1KW Household Wind Turbine specifications


3 Blades, Horizontal axis, upwind

Rotor Diameter


Rated Power

1KW at 9m/s

Maximum Output Power

2 kW at 14.5m/s

Battery Bank Voltage

60 Vdc

System Output Voltage

110/220 Vac

Cut-in Wind Vpeed

3 m/s

Working Wind Speed

3-25 m/s

Survival Wind Speed

50 m/s

Generator Efficiency


Wind Energy Utilizing Ratio

0.45 Cp


Permanent magnet alternator, SCF technology

Alternator Weight (kg)

15 kg


None, Direct drive, front generator design

Blade Material

Fiberglass reinforced composite

Over Speed Regulation

Passive furling tail design

Shutting Down Method

Manual & Automatic electromagnetism Braking

How 1KW Household Wind Turbine works

How 1KW Household Wind Turbine works

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