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Hummer 20kw domestic wind generator


Hummer 20kw domestic wind generator


 Hummer 20kw wind turbine system with ALL-IN-ONE inverter , though it is called inverter , it is much more the name indicates .

  For the entire wind turbine system ,Hummer ALL-IN-ONE inverter functions as the control center .It constantly processes the environmental data and instructs wind turbine to react accordingly .

  Meantime ,it will keep moritoring the status of battery (off-gird model) or state grid(grid-tied model ).Through its CPU center ,it will send different orders simultaneously with the change of situation .

  It is desighed with cutting-edge technology ,highly efficient,compact and automatic.Through HUMMER ALL-IN-ONE inverter ,the entire system is able to run on its own without any manual operation .


  Hummer 20kw wind turbine system is able to automatically seek wind direction and constantly monitor:generator working status ,rotation speed ,generator temperature ,wind speed and direction etc . 

  All data will be transmitted to control center located in inverter .When abnormal situations take place ,our control center will instruct wind turbine to deflect from wind .After problem is released ,wind turbine will turn to face the wind direction again and resume generation .


  If you want to know more about the 20KW wind turbine system , pls do not hesitate to coantct with us .

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